Easy Come, Easy Go the music of Johnny Green

Released 10/15/2014
Released 10/15/2014
This 17-song CD by Bistro Award Winning vocalist Kosut, includes “Body And Soul" [lyrics: Edward Heyman] ... the #1 song on the Jazz Standard Charts, 80+ years after it was released.
TRACKS 1. The Turntable Song 2. Hello My Lover, Goodbye 3. I Cover The Waterfront 4. Foolish Baby 5. There's a Ring Around The Moon 6. Betty Boop 7. Am I In Another World 8. I Wanna Be Loved 9. You Wanna Keep Your Baby Looking Right 10. I'm Yours 10. Easy Come, Easy Go 12. I Love A Mystery 13. Candlelight 14. Derry Down Dilly 15. Body And Soul 16. Gonna Fall In Love With You 17. Never 'Til Now/The Song Of Raintree County

PERSONNEL Vocals - Linda Kosut; Piano & …
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